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Facial Injury Repair for Fractures

Injuries to the face are more common than you might expect and of all the injuries it is possible to sustain, fractures are one of the most prevalent. A fracture is a term used to describe a break in the bone. The severity of fractures can vary considerably, from hairline cracks to deep fissures that completely sever the bone in two. Many don’t even break the skin and are referred to as ‘closed fractures’. 

Treating TMJ Disorder

Not all dental problems only affect the mouth and teeth. Some can also affect the jaw. The most common is known as TMJ disorder – a fairly common problem that can be painful and debilitating if treatment isn’t sought. Fortunately, there are some things that be done to alleviate the symptoms it causes. Here’s what you need to know about TMJ disorder and how it can be treated.

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