About The Practice

Oral Surgical Associates

We have been providing care to the Missoula area for over 40 years. The practice offers the full scope of Oral and maxillofacial surgery with expertise in areas ranging from routine tooth removal, including wisdom tooth removal, to corrective jaw surgery. Areas of expertise include the diagnosis and treatment of oral pathology (infections, cysts, and tumors of the facial bones and soft tissues). We also diagnose and treat facial bone fractures for injuries of the soft tissues. A particular area of expertise treated by our doctors regards dental implant placement and prepare for implant surgery.

In the News

Drs. Gama and Morris were recently published in the April issue of Missoula Valley Lifestyle Magazine to help draw attention to the need for oral cancer screenings.

Oral Surgical Associates is offering a no-charge screening on April 30, 2015, in our office. Please call our office at (406) 282-8768 to schedule your screening today.

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