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Oral Surgical Associates Testimonials

We value our patients' experience at Oral Surgical Associates. See for yourself, the great success our patients have experienced here at Oral Surgical Associates.

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Their staff is incredibly kind, they handled my son's frenectomy second opinion and consult so well. They explained everything unlike the first doctor and were so good with my son. I will be returning here when my son is a little older to have his frenectomy done!!!!​​​​​​​

Ashley L.

The assistants were all incredible, kind, and completely eased my anxiety. They worked with me and my insurance, and Dr. Gama was awesome. I felt safe, comfortable, and it was just an all-around incredible experience. I would HIGHLY recommend getting any work necessary through these guys. Thank you all so much for everything you did to help me 💖

Hannah M.

Dr. Gama and his staff were very caring, patient, and understanding prior to and after my tooth extraction. Getting a follow up call the next day was really appreciated. I highly recommend Dr. Gama, he is very knowledgeable and a superb surgeon. Thank you for a job well done.

Jean H.

Dr. Gama and his staff made me feel very safe and comfortable. They were kind and attentive and were even willing to get me in a couple days after surgery to check-in and make sure I was doing okay. Highly recommend!

Serina B.

I had a very positive and informative consultation and am ready to move ahead with the extractions and implants.​​​​​​​

Gayle W.

I have such extreme anxiety of going to any sort of dental office, so I have high expectations for dental offices, and I don't continue working with anyone who is unprofessional or any doctor's office who doesn't or won't take the time to explain everything prior to working with you.
I may have only gone in for a consultation, but I am highly impressed with Dr. Gama and the staff here. They made me feel very safe, answered all of my questions, and are extremely professional and fun to be around. I may not be looking forward to my next visit, but I'm happy to be working with this lovely group of people!

Jessica B.
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