6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Orthognathic Surgery

Being anxious before any surgery—even oral surgery—is normal. Orthognathic surgery, often known as jaw surgery, corrects jaw problems and realigns the jaw to ensure normal function. To enhance facial attractiveness, it frequently works in conjunction with plastic surgery.


You might need the treatment if your teeth don't fit appropriately in your jaw or for several other common causes. You can maintain your comfort throughout the treatment by asking questions. It will help prepare you psychologically.


Questions for Your Oral Surgeon


  • Do I Qualify for the Procedure?


The best way to identify the root of your problems and decide whether orthognathic surgery is the best course of action is to get an evaluation by a jaw surgeon. If you've experienced the following, you may be a candidate for the surgery. 


  • Difficulty chewing

  • Difficulty biting

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Speech problems

  • Chronic jaw or TMJ pain

  • Protruding jaw


No matter the type of surgery, your health is unquestionably the most critical factor for jaw surgeons when deciding your candidacy. Tell your jaw surgeon about any health ailments or problems you have so they can develop a plan that won't interfere with the procedure or the healing process.


  • What Are Your Qualifications?


A broad spectrum of surgical procedures is something that oral surgeons have great familiarity with. After dental school, they complete a hospital-based residency program for at least four years. These are all necessary before they can think of beginning private practice. Some oral surgeons earn a medical degree with an extra two years of training.


  • What Kind of Procedure Is Ideal in My Situation?


The area of your jaw that should be corrected will determine the kind of jaw surgery you'll have. Orthognathic surgery primarily aims to realign or straighten the jaw. On the other hand, other operations concentrate more on fixing issues such as a crossbite, chin remodeling, or receding lower or upper jaws.


After a consultation, your jaw surgeon can determine which operation will benefit you the most. They will then create a custom plan for your surgery and healing.


  • How Do I Prepare for the Surgery?


Every patient and procedure will be unique. So before you have the treatment, your surgeon should provide you with specific instructions on what you need. Do you have anything else to do? Do you have to give up smoking before the procedure? Do you take any medications that might interact with the anesthetic or drugs given after the surgery?


  • What Are the Risks?


It's normal to consider the worst-case situation and the possible hazards we're subjecting ourselves to before beginning any medical operation. According to each patient's health status and other comorbid disorders, there will be subtle variations in jaw surgery risks.


  • How Long Will It Take?


The duration of the procedure can differ for several reasons. Naturally, procedures will take varying lengths of time. The time required for the same surgery on two different people can change, too. This is because every patient is unique and may experience unique difficulties, lengthening the process.


For more information about orthognathic surgery, call Oral Surgical Associates at (406) 282-8768 to reach us in Missoula or Hamilton, Montana.

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